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Professor Joachim Brand Awarded Marsden Fund

In 2016 the Royal Society and New Zealand Government awarded Marsden funding of 870kNZD over three years to Professor Joachim Brand for the project entitled Playing dice with Fermi: Full configuration interaction quantum Monte Carlo for fermionic superfluids The project aims to make a quantum leap into understanding the elusive physics of ultra-cold atomic gases. In a novel approach, researchers will use a simulated computer game of characters who randomly die, give birth and jump between locations to do so. Through this New Zealand-led international collaboration, Professor Brand aims to understand the universal properties of a gas of atoms with Fermi statistics when cooled to near absolute zero to create a superfluid. He says this could provide important insights into the properties of materials in neutron stars, as well as modern superconductors.

Professor Nigel French Appointed Food Safety Director

In 2016, Professor Nigel French has been appointed to the inaugural role of director to the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment's newly launched New Zealand Food Safety Science & Research Centre.
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Professor Gaven Martin Elected to Finnish Academy of Science

In 2016, Distinguished Professor Gaven Martin was elected as a foreign member to Finland's most prestigious academic organization, the Finnish Academy of Science & Letters.
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Gold Nanostructures Unlock a New Branch of Chemistry

Skyline Gold

Research from Dr. Peter Schwerdtfeger and Lucas Trombach has "opened the doors for a ‘gold rush’ of future research in gold nanostructures", according to a June 2016 publication in Chemistry. Read Full Article.

Professor Sergej Flach Becomes Director of IBS-PCS

The Korean Institute of Basic Science has appointed Professor Sergej Flach as director for their Center for Physics of Complex Systems. This new center focuses on nonlinear classical & quantum dynamics of nano-structured systems.

MPI-PKS / NZIAS Return Tandem Workshop Announced

The New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study and the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (in Dresden, Germany) announce the Return Tandem Workshop on Nonlinear Physics at the Nanoscale: A Cross-Fertilization on Stochastic Methods , to take place in Rotorua on Feb 2-6 2015.

3rd Christmas Symposium: Physics of Complex Systems

The New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study hosts on Dec. 18 2015 its third annual Christmas Symposium on the Physics of Complex Systems. Invited speakers include Prof. Igor Aleiner (New York), Prof. Michele Governale (Wellington), Prof. Shaun Hendy (Auckland), Prof. Bernd Krauskopf (Auckland), and Prof. Igor Lukyanshuk (Amiens).

Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger awarded RSNZ Rutherford Medal

For world-leading contributions to fundamental aspects of chemical and physical phenomena in atoms, molecules, and condensed matter, Distinguished Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger FRSNZ has been awarded in 2014 the highest honour of the Royal Society: the Rutherford Medal. Read Full Article.

2nd Christmas Symposium: Complexity in Physics & Chemistry

The New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study hosts on Dec 18 2014 its second annual Christmas Symposium on Complexity in Physics and Chemistry . Invited speakers include Prof. Ali Alavi (Stuttgart), Prof. Boris Altshuler (New York), Prof. Matt Visser (Wellington), Prof. Nikos Lazarides (Heraklion) and Prof. Jeff Tallon (Wellington).

Professors Schwerdtfeger & Rainey Awarded Marsden Funds

In 2014 the Royal Society and New Zealand Government awarded Marsden funding to Distinguished Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger for the project entitled Putting the Squeeze on Atoms and Molecules: Accurate Quantum Simulations of Atomic and Molecular Phases Under High Pressures and Temperatures. The Royal Society also awarded Marsden funding to Distinguished Professor Paul Rainey for the project entitled Lineage Selection and the Evolution of Cancer.

Dodd-Walls Centre of Research Excellence Funded

The New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission announced in 2014 continued funding of the Dodd-Walls Centre of Research Excellence; with focus in the fields of quantum optics, photonics and precision atomic physics. NZIAS is represented by three members.

Launch of Erasmus Mundus Partnership Program NANOPHI

The European Commission granted a four year (2014-2018) exchange program on nanophotonics entitled NANOPHI, to target PhDs and postdocs. NZIAS is represented by two members. More Information.


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