A one day symposium with invited talks and discussions

Invited speakers:

Prof. Boris Altshuler (New York) problem
Prof. Jeff Tallon (Wellington)
Prof. Matt Visser (Wellington)
Prof. Ali Alavi (Stuttgart)
Prof. Nikos Lazarides (Heraklion)


09:00 welcome with tea and coffee

09:30 Ali Alavi : Quantum Monte Carlo Approach to the Full Configuration Interaction Problem

10:30 Matt Visser : Analogue Spacetimes

11:30 coffee and tea break

12:00 Boris Altshuler : Between Localization and Ergodicity

13:00 lunch

14:00 Nikos Lazarides : SQUID Metamaterials

15:00 coffee and tea break

15:30 Jeff Tallon : Multiple Coexisting and Competing Sates - Complexity in High-Tc Superconductors

16:30 farewell with tea and coffee